Mackenzie Jay

11 Things I Learned While Backpacking

1. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen. I put on sunscreen. Promise I did. But there was snow the entire time. Snow combined with elevation makes a bad bad bad recipe for getting burned. I got one made sunglasses tan line. And let’s just say I am on my second round of peeling. 

2. Snow makes everything 5x harder than it would normally be. This was basically the most intense outdoor trip I have ever taken. It snowed somewhere between 6 and 8 inches one of the days, and we spent it together in our fly. 

3. Snowshoeing is not for pansies. yep.

4. Sleeping with your damp clothes dries them. My socks were wet every day from hiking. I had several pairs rationed through the week, but it was important to keep holy socks holy. Putting them in my down sleeping bag at night allowed my body heat to warm them up. 

5.Wearing deodorant when you don’t shower is bad. Bacteria builds if you wear deodorant over and over without showering. So we were not allowed to bring any. But I did… I brought wet ones… Don’t worry. 

6. We can accomplish far more together than apart. 

7. BIF stands for Bathroom In Forest. I am now acquainted. Check out Deuteronomy 23.12. Its biblical. 

8. Bug spray sometimes works. I was eaten alive by mosquitos. There were so many of them our last night it was ridiculous. I would have drenched my clothes in it if there was a way. 

9. Wilderness is great medication for a busy life. It makes perfect sense really, Jesus went into the wilderness to quiet himself and be still. I found peace and joy in turning off my blackberry. Its easy to be a workaholic, its medication to release yourself from what you do sometimes. 

10. There isn’t many feelings comparable to the feeling of Accomplishment. I for sure exceeding my own expectations of myself. For sure.  Victory! 

11. When we seek Him (God) we find Him. 


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