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Dancing in the Mind Fields by Andrew Peterson 

This song puts so many words to things that I feel about love and life and marriage in specific. For the last 4 years I have been on a crazy journey watching a lot of devastation in marriages and families around me. Many times I have used the phrase, I never thought… I never thought this would be my story, I never thought it would be them, I never thought this would impact my life the way it has. 

I get really fired up about divorce. I get really fired up about the sacredness of marriage. A wedding is more than a big party, its a lifetime. I think in terms of the hardship, rather than the honeymoon. 

Despite all of that. Despite the evidence of failing marriage that surrounds me, I believe love is real. This song puts beautiful words to that. It will be played at my wedding someday. 

Dancing in the mind field. 

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