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Thoughts on Mothers

Mothers Day weekend is about to begin. Every mothers day growing up was traditionally plant flowers all day with Mom. Yard-work-for-everyone day. My mom loves having beautiful outdoor spaces, as well as indoor spaces, and mothers day always kicked off the season of eating dinner on the patio. Steak, moms salad with avocado, baked potato, green beans, and if we are lucky molten lava cake for dessert. Still makes me all nostalgic just thinking about it. 

I am no where near being a mother. I cannot even fathom having another living thing to care for all the time when I can hardly care for myself as it is. Not to mention there have been a litany of screaming babies around me lately. I have not always received the gift of patience and I don’t have the best compassion for mothers in these situations. I know there are always screaming babies or kids around, because they are after all kids, but its almost comical how over the last week how I have seen screaming kids everywhere. Weddings, wal mart, many different kids at wal mart, church, public restrooms, grocery store, all over. Screaming. Kids. 

Then I think of all the high school kids I know. The just straight unruly high schoolers. Their whole worlds centered around themselves, usually, many with rocky relationships with their parents. Many also making decisions that give their parents gray hair. It makes me think of a conversation I had with a parent of one of my younglife girls. She said, “Being a mother is the job you can never quit. Believe me I have wanted to quit. I have no control over the decisions they make, right or wrong. I have to watch them walk through their bad ones. Watch them fail.  And I watch them through their good ones. Always wanting the best for them. Its the hardest job, but its the best one.” 

I don’t tell my mom enough how thankful I am that she has done and is doing her “job” as a mother well. She is so invested, always calls, always encourages and loves, and always wants what is best for me. And she is always willing to make me steak, baked potato, salad with avocado, green beans, and molten lava cake if I wanted. These days with a good wine too. 

Thanks Mom. I love ya. 

What about you? Have you thanked your mom lately? Any fun mother’s day ideas or plans? Who are you celebrating this mothers day? Mom, Grandma, Neighbor, Mentor? Who had mothered you well?


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